Sabado, Marso 7, 2015

“How Technology helps me on my job as a teacher”

When I was a new teacher, I had few expectations for how technology should be used by my pupils. So I wasn't shy about exploring of technology to help my pupils become self-directed and engaged learners. In fact, when I first started teaching, I didn't realize that technology in the classroom wasn't the standard. But now, just three years in my teaching career, my classroom is seen as a new.
One of my jobs as a teacher is to coach my pupils to learn for their future life. If I do a good job, my pupils won’t need me anymore.
It’s a part of my life to use media and technology every day since college. It’s my job to prepare my pupils for their future and life. To create new products with technology is required in society. For this reason, it’s normal for me to be innovative and to use technology in the classroom.”
In my teaching experiences, I use many different IT tools and programs in my classroom. I am familiar with handling new media; I use various media like MS Word, PowerPoint, and Movie Maker confidently and effectively in presenting the lesson. They have learned through various means of communication how to quickly get information and how to communicate with me as their teacher.”
One time, after my presentation with PowerPoint in English subject, some of my pupils asked me if it’s possible to create a PowerPoint presentation for Sibika, too. The result of this second presentation was brilliant. They learned and enjoyed a lot.  In this learning activity the pupils could be creative and show their strengths and knowledge.
My biggest hope for today’s pupils is that they find their personal strengths and a lot of inspiring moments to develop new innovations.
Technology helps me typing test papers, quizzes, creating designs for my bulletin, and other paper works and forms in the school. And the big benefit that I gained in technology is computing the grades of my pupils. It helps me to save time computing the grades because when I learned to used Microsoft Office Excel it is easier for me to quickly compute the grades of my pupils.

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